Well, here goes…

I feel as though everyone says they are not a blogger or possibly that’s just what I think people are saying. It’s interesting because I said I wouldn’t become a blogger (as I’m sure most people have said) and so now I’m totally contradicting myself =). Between journaling at home and a fairly busy schedule, I just didn’t see how there’d be time to keep up with a blog. I guess we shall see–who knows, I may surprise myself! In all of this, my desire is to write my random thoughts, blog some pictures of my life and hopefully use this time (however long) to record insight to God’s Word. Funny thing is, I don’t have any intentions of telling anyone about this, but who knows!!

Thus it begins and until my blog is “finalized” with a good picture as a header, I am thoroughly frustrated until then!!



7 thoughts on “Well, here goes…

  1. I am the Welcome wagon, rolling by to welcome you to the World of Bloggyship. I found you thru Erin (my adopted peach)…Love her to pieces! I never in a million years thought I would do something such as this, at at my old age of 52….it has been an amazing ride and a perfect way to document what you do with your time. I have met so many terrific people and so will you…..So happy to have you aboard!

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