Every Morning


I realized this morning that this is my daily routine: coffee, Jesus and journal. Thought it was really interesting. I wouldn’t say I’m a creature of habit, but all this is a must. The holy Word, the holy brew =) and to ponder things I’m learning. Wow, that sounds super-spiritual! I don’t say this with an arrogant disposition or that I’m perfect about doing these things daily (ok, maybe the coffee =) ), but rather I say it out of realizing my desperate need for the Lord’s help on a DAILY basis…just thought I’d clarify that =)…… I also realized too that I’ve been journaling on and off since I became a believer in the 7th grade. I’m convinced that one of the main reasons is due to the fact there is WAY too much going on inside this head to not put it somewhere!! And see if I journal, it helps free up the memory space in the small computer that is my brain =). But it’s also really cool to look back at journals from years ago and chuckle at some things written, shake my head regarding my naivety/or stubbornness leading to bad decisions, sigh in relief that some things I wanted badly were not given, cry remembering the difficulty of painful seasons and more than anything, sense such gratitude and thankfulness that the Lord has kept me all my days. In a way, through the good, bad and even ugly I think journaling causes us to remember, which is so important because by nature we’re so prone to forget how good the Lord is. For instance, I just received a message from my friend Erin in Washington that she is joining a church there. There’s nothing super-amazing about joining a church per-se, but to know the road that brought Erin and her husband Jack to this decision is truly a story! I couldn’t even begin to capture it all…Newly-weds move to Washington–new jobs, trying to find new friends, settling in to a new home and being away from all the family they’ve known with 2,000 miles separating them. At times, it was really REALLY hard for them. Even in the midst of good days, the stresses easily mounted causing many tears and fights (hello, welcome to marriage…so I hear =) ) Then, about three years later, to read the message she sent and sense the elation in her voice “we’re joining the church tomorrow!!”, one couldn’t help but be in awe of God’s faithfulness. That message made me remember what happened in that – (dash) of time between moving to Washington-Today. There’s a lot that the little dashes in time represent: days, months, years, and a lifetime (whoa!) but each so particular and providential, one event leading to another, no matter the route, difficulty of the terrain or the slow motion of time within those dashes. They’re there for a reason and even as Israel was told to remember specific things the Lord had done, it wasn’t just for sake of doing so, but that it would catapult their faith as they enter into a new – of time. The best part is, Scripture is FULL or instances that say, “God remembered Noah. God remembered Hannah. God remembered His people. God remembered His covenant…” and on and on the list goes–praise God! Those dashes of time and all those journal entries are really testimonies to Christ’s remembrance of us–he will complete the good work he began =); He will see us through; truly the work of the Cross was not in vain. Remembering is pretty awesome


2 thoughts on “Every Morning

  1. Shell,
    THANK YOU! This is a beautiful post, and all they glory is to God. He is an amazing being! One thing I have learned from this adventure is that He NEVER stops persuing us. Never. He will persue us no matter what. I can’t wait to talk with you sometime soon and share with you what God is doing and has done in our lives. Of course, if you read my blog you know! Love you!

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