Yummy-ness for Dinner

So, i’m just cracking-up considering how to begin a post like this…it’s not really all that funny, but in lieu of wharoomie-005t my roommate and I have been scrounging up to eat as of late, this post just adds to the humor.

Anyways, so last night Lindsey…has everyone been introduced to Lindsey on my blog??? Lindsey is my bff (yes, I said bff as though I was in 6th grade), roommate and sister from another mister ; ). I adore her (and I’m sure there will be other posts with her in it)! Ok, so Linds and I LOVE pancakes and that’s what we had last night for a GOURMET dinner. Yes, yummy, (low-fat) buttermilk pancakes….mmmmm! Does anyone else think ‘low-fat buttermilk’ seems to be an oxy-moron??! This was also the night we were supposed to go running–you know, to help us feel better for eating pancakes BUT we didn’t! Somehow, we justified not running and enjoyed a night on the couch, talking and eating buttermilk pancakes (hers with butter, mine with peanut-butter! Even healthier!!). Oh the good times =)  So thankful for them all….roomie-002


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