Interesting Dinner

beckyMeet my friend Becky–a.k.a. Burdelle. We decided to try a new restaurant for dinner on Wednesday night. We won’t ever do it again =). We thought we were going to a vegetarian restaurant…little did we know it was a raw vegan restaurant. Now, it wasn’t horrible. I really do like vegan food and it looks REALLY pretty on the plate! Raw vegan food is just super pungent, with all the spices and herbs they use. So, I thought I’d share the beauty of our dishes–very colorful and tasty, but if you eat too much–and they weren’t that large of portions–you’re quickly overwhelmed by all the flavoring. Her blog-post about our interesting dinner is WAY better:



So like I said, really pretty and colorful, but man does it do a number on your tummy!


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