Running with Purpose


So, I realize I haven’t done a good job on updating my blog and I’m very sorry about that! Some really cool things God has placed on the horizon and I’m excited to see what will become of the prayers of this season. In the mean time, I am still working at Moody Bible Institute with Event and Guest Services. Although I sense this is a “stepping stone” job, I know God is and has been using it to prepare me for what’s ahead. In such an amazing way, through the past year, God has been redirecting my heart regarding going over seas as a full time missionary. About a year ago God took away that peace regarding missions and kept asking me to place it on the altar–at least that’s what I sensed Him saying. Sometimes you really don’t ever know for sure until hind-sight. Even though it was such a battle to submit, I can now see just a glimpse of what God was doing all along. See, as crazy as it may sound, I had to come to the point of complete surrender, even when it didn’t make sense. “But Lord, You brought me to Moody to study missions! It doesn’t make sense that this isn’t what you’d have for me!” Now with a shock of awe and wonder, I realize God is God and He can do what truly pleases Him! Through the last 4 months and as I studied David, Esther and Joshua, God began unraveling some really cool things. When He shuts one door, it’s truly only to open another that is BETTER, leading ultimately to His best. God began showing me my truer desires to come along side women, carry their burdens, encourage and exhort them and watch them become more and more victorious in Christ Jesus! The passion of my heart and the calling that runs so deep is realizing my testimony of how this very captive was set free. There are so many wounded women in the Church–I was one of them. Christ surrounded me with people who taught me how to take of the Sword of Truth, fight through prayer, and see the victory of the Resurrection in my own life. It’s a joy and privilege that He is placing these things on my heart–it’s truly a weighty revelation that I feel very inadequate to handle.

So, this whole time I thought God was going to take me out of Chicago and I was imploring Him to do so in my lack of understanding. Now I sense it’s time to allow my roots to grow deeper here. I can call this home and run this race with better clarity of His purposes for my life. No, not all the details are in–I haven’t received a fax explaining everything that’s ahead and what it’ll all look like. But I’m learning more about how to live by faith and not sight; live connected to the Vine and abide in Him. He promises then to abide in me =)

Don’t ever be afraid to ask God to reveal HIS purposes for your life and then to move you further into what He impresses on Your heart. He desires this too, that you’d bear fruit in ways that you otherwise could not unless He moved you. God bless!


3 thoughts on “Running with Purpose

  1. Shelly,
    Your words spoke volumes to me today. God is so good, and HE DOES work EVERYTHING for His GLORY! It amazes me that God has changed your heart from missions to knowing that Chicago is right where you need to be.
    God has done this very thing in our hearts here in WA. There was an opportunity for Jack and I to move to Wisconsin, we didn’t even consider it as we know we are RIGHT WHERE GOD wants us to be!
    It might have taken THREE years to get to that point, but now that we are here, we don’t want to leave. We are amazed at the church family God has placed in our lives, and are growing more in Jesus NOW than we have in our lifetime!
    God’s timing is perfect, and His plan is perfect. Sometimes, it just takes some trials for us to realize it and accept it. I love you sister. 🙂

  2. thanks for your honesty! isn’t it funny how we think we know what we want… but God knows better? love you, girl!

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