A Miracle A Month Today

A month ago today, as I was sitting in church, I received a text message from my friend Jessie saying: “I’m headed to delivery! Please pray for us. I’m scared”. I’m sure any pregnancy can be a scary ordeal but what was different for Jessie is that she wasn’t due for another 2 months! What began as a routine Dr. visit on June 26, ended-up not even 48 hours later with the Dr’s telling Jessie she needed to go in for an emergency c-section. Talk about being caught off guard! But the Lord knew and miss Annabelle Joy came into this world weighing only 2lbs! She was sooo itty-bitty! It was incredible–her feet were no more than an inch long and her tiny fingers could barely grasp my thumb. It is incredible to think the Lord was truly fashioning Annabelle in Jessie’s womb that entire time and He still is. All the days ordained to her He is developing her…truly incredible. Now a month later, she weighs in around 3lbs. If she continues to do well, she’ll be able to leave the nicu in about 6 weeks!

It’s amazing to see Jessie as a mommy too =). I had the pleasure of watching her care for sweet Annabelle, which was so precious. Jessie has always been such a gentle and caring person (and not to mention funny as all get out!!). I have truly been blessed in knowing her and having lived with her. But it’s truly something else to see her care for her own child. I can’t quite explain it but it was really special =) and to think God so wonderfully ordained the maternal affection/care. And of course, I’m such an emotional sucker for sweet moments like these–to take in God’s beauty! I’m so grateful to witness them. So without further a do, here are some pics–I’ll try to post more soon!

jessiemommy     jessiestretch

I love this picture because we were trying to get Annabelle to wake-up for her feeding. She did this huge stretch and zonked-out right after her big stretch. I thought it was SO cute, had to take a pic!

jessiesmile SO incredible!jessiewave

Bye y’all!


4 thoughts on “A Miracle A Month Today

  1. thank you for posting this! i saw your profile pic on facebook and was wondering what sweet annabelle was doing with an ng tube in her nose!!! precious little beautiful thing. congratulations to nick and jessie!!!!

  2. Oh Shelly, I’m just now seeing this for the first time and I can’t stop crying. What a sweet sweet post. I’m so thankful for your support during that time, Shelly. It meant so very much. Thank you for loving on me and my baby 😉 I love you, Shelly Belly!

  3. How did I not know you wrote about this?! I’m crying right now! Oh thank you for documenting this. What a traumatic and miraculous event this was. I see God’s hand all over this time, now looking back! Wow, just wow. Thank you, Shell…almost 4 years later!

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