August 19, 2008 Birthday!

A year ago…a year ago, wow…a year ago.

I’ll never forget this day last year. Flying from Chicago to Richmond, to be greeted at the airport by Katie and Donnie Davis, my dear friends. I flew in to be there for Catherine’s birth. You have probably read about Catherine Marie on my blog from my April visit. A year ago, we did not know that Catherine would be with us in April of 2009. A year ago, we didn’t even know she was coming that very night.

I’ll never forget how everything in the hospital room went from calm to such hustling, movement and many faces appeared out of nowhere. It was just the three of us and in moments, when Kate “unexpectedly” was going into labor, Dr.’s and nurses flooded the room. We were told the baby was going to come in only minutes. Tears streamed from Katie’s eyes; Donnie held tightly to her. I kept thinking, “This can’t be it Lord! This can’t be it! The rest of the family and all of their friends aren’t here! Where’s Katie and Donnie’s support? Oh Lord, be near God!”…Then I heard His whisper in my heart…”This sickness will not end in death”….

Peace as only God can give flooded that busy hospital room. Catherine quietly entered into the world, fighting for air as she was whisked away into another Dr’s hands, to be intebated and rushed out of the room. The three of us were all there waiting, anxious and in disbelief that she was really here.

And praise God, she is still here with us. The beautiful miracle. And I feel like I can’t do the Lord justice in describing how incredible those moments were. So specific, detailed and perfect. Truly, remembering that difficult time fills my heart with deep awe. I have watched the loving arms of God embrace this family through the past year and I am left speechless. I’m realizing too, in my short life I have truly seen some pretty incredible works by the gracious hand of God, whether personally or in regards to people the Lord has allowed me to do life with. It’s as though through intercession, we have the privilege of “seeing” God’s mighty hand come down from heaven and move here on earth…GOD’s mighty hand.

         Who among the gods is like you, O LORD ?
       Who is like you— majestic in holiness,
       awesome in glory, working wonders?

 Being able to bear witness to this ongoing miracle and experience it first-hand, even before she was born, I count this as one of the top, most amazing experiences the Father has let me be apart of. And I’m realizing too that most, if not all of the amazing encounters we are blessed to be a part of really do come through some of the most difficult and painful seasons. Could we truly know deep wells of joy and awe and wonder, without the seasons preceding so that the shadows can prove the sunshine?

Before I go too deep, even for my own good =), I just want to give the Lord praise! Catherine is beautiful, healthy and happy as can be. She reflects her Father’s glory and is a constant reminder of His great mercies. Thank You Abba for your goodness and kindness to us, even in the times of shadow and despair, that we may truly see the sunshine in Your perfect timing.

Catherine 014

 catherine just hours after she was born


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