A Couple of My Favorite Things

9-22I’m totally feeling the love right now…WOW!!! (not good at receiving but learning!) 

Truly, what a funny and hilarious blessing! I arrived to work and saw Clyde, sitting on my desk with a lil’ note. I can’t even begin to describe Clyde but that he randomly appears in different places between Lindsey and I. Sometimes strapped in a seat-belt or sometimes in a shower cap, waiting for a bath. He’s been known to enjoy back-packing in Wyoming and also the sanctuary of a guitar case. He LOVES coffee mugs and somehow he always manages to bring laughter to a heavy heart. That’s Clyde. He’s the best and so is coffee, but truly what can’t get better are the hands and heart that bring such wonderful gifts. This is the awwwwwwwwww! moment…….and rightfully so. I am blessed beyond measure with the most incredible roommate,  friends (from all over) and Family!! (Linds, you need to stop! But I really thank the Lord for you…even when you embarrass me. Thanks sis 🙂 )


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