“You Just Got Husbanded!”

That’s what my co-worker Nancy said when I told her the follow-up story of a conversation we had this morning at my desk. You ever have one of those moments, where the seemingly small thing ended up being one of the greatest blessings–that it totally flooded your heart with a sense of deep awe as you pondered the situation? And as you pondered the workings of the situaion, the personal intimacy of the moment even made you blush on the inside?! That’s what happened this morning 🙂

So I arrived to work this morning, doing my regular routine, chatting with Nancy and Paula at the desk, as I went to grab a sip of my coffee. As I groped for my morning juice, I realized I had forgotten it. “Oh no!”, I exclaimed, “I forgot my coffee!” Anyone who knows me knows that I do love my coffee. Not only is it a pleasing aroma, but it’s quite a gift from heaven when you wake up at an hour that most college students are actually falling asleep! So, it was a bit of a disappointment to not have it and I quickly lamented over it with the girls. Oh trust me, you better believe I didn’t waste any time as my mind was already scrambling through ideas of how to obtain my morning cup (or 3!).

Maybe 2 minutes later the phone at my desk rang and someone was asking for me. “This is Shelly”, I said a bit puzzled since I didn’t recognize the number. “Hi Shelly, this is Julie [she works at Moody]. I have  a question for you. Do you like coffee?”…didst my ears deceive me? Did she really just ask me that? “YES–I love coffee!”, I told her trying to hold back the joy in the question. “Good, just making sure”, and she hung up. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but if it meant what I thought it meant, I was getting excited over thinking about that thought! Then, I started to say in my head, “Well, maybe she really just wanted to know, just for her own curiosity. Don’t get your hopes up. Or worse, what if it’s a pound of coffee beans that I can neither brew nor grind and it will mock me all day long because I can’t quite enjoy its bounty?!”….Yes, it’s sad but true–these are the thoughts that actually went through my mind!! It’s ridiculous how we can take such a skewed view of a gift God wants to give us. Maybe that’s why He doesn’t always tell us in advance because we’ll ruin the goodness and beauty by diminishing it before we ever receive it!

Thirty minutes later, Julie walks in with a fresh cup of coffee, cream and sugar, just the way I like it. I was overjoyed! With wide eyes I said, “Julie, you have no idea…” and before I could finish my sentence she said, “Shelly, all I know is that God TOLD me to get you coffee, so I know.” She left smiling. I left my desk, went into the back room and just pondered the moment. WOW!  I was blushing so much at the goodness of the One who loves me more deeply then I can fathom. And this was just coffee! But that He would tell someone, and they would act on it and to ponder the precision of timing that would bring much praise–I mean down to seconds…whoa Lord!

I was wonderfully lavished by my heavenly Husband, who brought me some coffee this morning just to say, “I love you and I’m watching over you.”

May your days, weeks and years be filled the lavish love of Jesus Christ! If you have a story you want to share, I’d love to hear it 🙂 You can email me or just post a comment–take care!


4 thoughts on ““You Just Got Husbanded!”

  1. Hey girl, this is a great Christmas card story. Ha ha, that is what it made me think of. God is so good, and he is our ultimate provider in so many more ways than we can even think of! I love you and miss you.

  2. Our awesome God will continue to bless you because you RECOGNIZE Him in all things ….. and you APPRECIATE all He gives you. You are truly loved.

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