Family–Adventure (GA, CO Pics!)

FINALLY!! Here are some pictures from my trip 🙂 I was in Winter Park, CO and then I went home for a week to Georgia. I’m going to post my Georgia trip first, because there were so many sweet blessings. Both trips were INCREDIBLE blessings–the Lord really allowed 2009 to end on a positive note through those 2 weeks away 🙂 As only He can do, I left Chicago with a lot on my heart and mind, and I came back full, in a way I just can’t quite put into words. Those two weeks were tremendous and I will treasure them in my heart for many moons to come : ) Without further a-do:

Once of the sweetest moments...Great Grandma (my mommy's mom) holding her great granddaughter--praise the Lord

Happy (but sleepy!) new parents!!


Couldn’t put her down 🙂


It was soooo sweet to watch my brother with his lil’ girl 🙂


Christmas Eve dinner. Padre, hermano y Rosa-maria (I don’t know how to say niece in espanol!)


Sweet bundle 🙂 Rosemary Kate


The Fox Family!! When I was a freshman at Moody, I began baby-sitting for the little girl, Berry, when she was 4 months old! Now she's 6 and a half and her brother, Trey-Trey, is almost 4!! Now they live in GA and I love visiting them :), but man, it made me feel OLD!

I love it!!


My lil’ Berry was READING to me!!! I couldn’t believe it!!


Berry as playful as ever!


I also got to see my friends Flaviu and Florica and meet their miracle baby, Felix. Florica and Flaviu have been blessed by the Lord after waiting 12 years for a baby! It was amazing to be with them 🙂


I had a wonderful visit in GA with Erin and Jack and I got to meet their sweet Emery Paige 🙂 Erin and I prayed for this lil’ one, so it was very sweet to meet her.




I miss seeing entrances to ranches…


Mountain View near Devil’s Thumb Ranch…UH-MAY-ZING”!


I wittled this from a fallen tree on my snow-shoeing trek 🙂


Had to jump out of the car for this shot!


View of Devil’s Thumb Ranch!


Skiing in Winter Park…WOO HOO FUN!



5 thoughts on “Family–Adventure (GA, CO Pics!)

  1. What amazing pictures. The one in CO with the sun looks like the clouds are wings of an angel! I am so glad I got to see you.

    I will talk with Jack and have him email you about the STP race! 🙂

  2. Your whittling skills are amazing! Next time you come upon a fallen tree, could you please whittle me something? Not necessarily a bench, just whatever the Lord puts on your heart…

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