Wait of Glory

No, the title of my blog isn’t a typo and, yes, it is a play on words to C.S. Lewis’ book entitled, Weight of Glory. There’s just been a lot going through this small brain lately as I’ve been spending time with the Lord, thinking over events, whether in my own life or the lives of those around me, what’s going on in Haiti, the Middle East, Israel and thinking more about History — God’s divine orchestration and unfathomable omniscience that’s bringing all things to THE greatest resounding and culminating crescendo – the major Finale of all minor finales, which for believers in Christ, is only the beginning.

But there’s a Wait of Glory. Sometimes a long wait. There’s a weight of this world that can exacerbate the wait of glory , that as children of God, we were created to know and experience. We, like Abraham, are looking to a country – a better one, a heavenly one, that God alone built so we may be in the fullness of all He is, all that we were ever meant to know and experience as the pinnacle of His creation. But just as there is a wait for the ultimate eternal glory, there is also a wait of the glory of God both here and now. We encounter situations and circumstances in certain seasons where something bigger is at stake, even if at the moment we cannot see it that way. We experience trials and hardships, not always understanding why He allows seasons to turn out the way He does, but that’s when (in the unseen) there’s a wait of glory. Usually the wait is of little value to us and we desperately want to move past it but to God, it could not take any other course. Why? His glory is at stake. Is. 43:7 says that everyone is who called by His name was created for His glory. God’s ultimate desire through our lives with Him is that He would be magnified and famed.

Peter says it this way, “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice that you participate in the suffereings of Christ, so that you may be over-joyed when His glory is revealed” – 1Peter 4:12,13

The weight of our circumstances is truly worth the wait of glory to be revealed. The weight Jesus carried on his shoulders was truly worth the wait of glory that was revealed after three long days of death. What’s incredible too, is that there’s even still a future glory to be revealed in Christ’s return and reign on the Throne. Let us not lose hope then, because in our circumstances and situations what is to be revealed will far outweigh any hardship we encounter – remember the wait of glory is at stake.

Let me share two stories with you that just exemplify this. Both deal with a death. Both are truly amazing stories. I am not trying to say every story will end “nice and pretty”, but I’m coming to realize, even in my short years, God will be glorified through every season, even when we don’t see it immediately.

First, one of my choir girls recently lost her uncle to cancer – it was actually just this Monday. As she put it, he was a father of two daughters, husband and a baby Christian (though in the eyes of the Lord, he was exactly who He was meant to be). I walked with her a bit through this incredibly difficult time. His cancer returned and in only days, he had gone on to be with the Lord, just like that. I have been praying for her as she and her uncle’s family have been on my heart. I know what the aftermath of cancer can be like at times and my heart just goes out to them. She has been asking that I would pray for grace and strength, to which I have been praying. Little did I know that I’d receive a text from her today that just amazed me: “Shelly, we had the memorial service for my uncle and two people gave their lives to Christ” — WHAT?!! I literally jumped and said hallelujah out-loud at work! God had a glory to be revealed only three days after his death – this man’s life, battle with cancer, beginning a new life with Christ and death were not vain – they were all a part of a glory to be revealed. To those two new believers, was that worth the wait of glory? I bet Yanira’s uncle would say absolutely.

Now, please please please, if you have the time, read this blog post by Louie Giglio: Sometimes There Is A Bow. This will rock your world, not because everything has to end pretty, because eventually it all will in Christ alone, but that the wait of glory truly can surpass the weight of this world, and somehow in the midst of it, we see a bit of heaven on earth and can join in with the angels in exalting God in His glory.

This post is written for my friends. I am believing in the glory that you’re all waiting on – the promises that are truly contingent on our Lord’s character and Word. love y’all. Thank you for believing in the glories yet to be revealed in this small life as well.


2 thoughts on “Wait of Glory

  1. Thanks so much for this post. I have tears in my eyes. TO GOD ALONE BE THE GLORY! 🙂

    I thank Jesus every day for the wonderful friend that you are to me. I love you!

  2. Okay, I just ready LG’s post…holy crap, now the tears are flowing DOWN MY FACE!


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