A Friend, A Rock and God’s Heart in India

Please meet my friend Becky Sue, or as I like to call her, Burdellie : ) Why Burdellie? I dunno but it suits her and Lord only knows why and how I come up with half the things I do. I am “Peach Fuzz” because I’m from Georgia, (not for any other reasons that I know of!) or “Shelly Shell Fish” to Becky. Yes, we’re those kinds of friends!


As many of you know, I try to collect memorial stones when there are significant altars of remembrance in my life. Well, just a day before Burdellie was going to fly out to India, I received an interesting package in the mail. It consisted of a Lever 2000 soap box, taped up with electrical tape and my address written on it. Now, uni-bomber didn’t go through my mind because the handwriting was too pretty. I was so curious, I couldn’t even wait to open the box till I had gotten fully inside my apartment. The return address was from Burdellie : ), so I thought it had to be good (or she was sending me a subliminal message all the way from California….again, not that I’m aware of).What was in the box just meant the world to me. Inside was a plain ordinary rock with a note:

Hi Shelly Shell Fish! This morning’s chapel service was about God’s everlasting faithfulness. They gave us rocks so that we could build a communal altar of remembrance. I immediately thought of you. To me, this rock symbolizes God’s faithfulness not just in calling me, but of bringing me to the place where I am able to walk in His purposes for me. I leave for India in just 5 days. Will you please keep my rock and pray for me while I’m gone? I know it is only by His faithfulness that I’ve come this far and only through His faithfulness that I will be able to continue down this path. Love, Burdellie (yes, I cried as I read this letter!)

My notes on the rock: India, Faithfulness

And my friend is right. It is truly only by God’s faithfulness that she is seeing God’s plan for her life unfold as it is and it’s not in the least bit glamorous. See, I remember when Becky and I had so many meals and talks together regarding what God’s calling and specific purposes might be in the coming seasons. We both were at a loss except for what God had put before us that day. Other than that, we were bewildered. She had graduated form Lee University and moved to Chicago because the Lord led her to do so. Far from Tennessee and with no job, she began from scratch: pure faith. She eventually found a job at UIC and for the next 4 years (pretty sure it was 4, but maybe 5) she just kept working. At church, God providentially put Becky over the children’s ministry for a season. She started out by being the silliest VBS teacher, with a talking parrot on her shoulder and creating interesting snacks that the kids loved. On Sundays, she was teaching kids and then she began writing year-round Bible curriculums for Children’s Church. Burdellie, or as the kids call her, Miss Becky, has such a natural gift with children. Not everyone can love kids deeply but Becky truly has an incredible gift. Not long after she and I had a meeting regarding, “What in the world does God have ahead for our lives??!!”, God began stirring her heart over time for children who were victimized by sexual exploitation and trafficking. Through many miracles, Becky began attending Fuller Seminary, even further from Tennessee, in California and she is getting her masters in the very thing her heart became burdened by: trafficked children. (please click this link that will lead you to IJM and more information about sex trafficking. There’s a fact sheet tab on the right side of the page…please take some time to read it. The statistics are insane: “600,000-800,000 children, women and men are annually trafficked across international borders”).

Becky is in India right now working with children who have been trafficked or whose mothers conceived them in brothels. To say she needs prayer support is an understatement. To say that these children that she will come in contact with will need prayer is an incredible understatement. She will be the incarnate love, warmth and peace of Jesus to these beautiful children. I wonder if most of these children and babies have only known such a gross, tainted and corrupted way of love and somehow their identities are wrapped up in these awful atrocities….until Christ comes. He comes to restore, redeem and rebuild the years which the locusts have devoured.

Will you pray for these children and for the Spirit’s work of salvation and restoration through Becky? Will you also pray for Becky because she’s on a mission from God and she is setting out to do the very thing God purposed in her: to be Christ’s hands, feet and extending arms of love. The opposition is immanent. I have been in some dark areas around the world, where witch-craft and homage to false gods so steeped daily living; I’ve seen people’s eyes glaze over as they chanted for hours or rituals of animal sacrifices to appease the spirits. Utter darkness. Thick oppression. I cannot even imagine the darkness residing over some of these places in India and there’s hardly any governmental support because somehow, they’re tied into it all as well. As Becky said, “Pray saints, Pray!”

Of course you know, I cried as I read her letter. What an honor to pray and what a blessing to be given this rock. She said I didn’t have to put it with my pile of rocks, and she’s right. I didn’t! Instead, I carry it with me wherever I go: bag, purse, on the train, on my bike and I put it on my desk at work or in my apartment to be reminded to pray for Becky and all the children she will have the incredible, yet daunting and overwhelming, pleasure of loving to the point of utter brokeness. And that’s why I would LOVE you to join with me in praying for these children in India, around the world and even in the states (yes saints, sex trafficking is going on even here in the U.S.) and to pray for Miss Becky too.

Please visit Becky’s blog from time to time www.beckysue.wordpress.com as she will be updating it while she’s in India this summer working with these children. You’ll really enjoy her writing as well : ) She’s quite witty and funny and she has such a way of putting words that leave you saying, “Wow, I couldn’t have said it better!” —Thank you all and God bless

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute”

Proverbs 31:8


3 thoughts on “A Friend, A Rock and God’s Heart in India

  1. I imagine you with tears rolling down your beautiful face as you read that letter, and it brought tears to my eyes. How precious, how special. Count me in on praying for Miss B! 🙂

    Love you, friend.

  2. Oh, Shelly…I cried as I read this. I was actually on the phone with Becky right before I checked my email. I can’t wait for her to be able to share with you her experiences. God is definitely, obviously and in a very real way using her to minister to the women and children there.

    Thanks so much for posting this. And thank you for your prayers and for soliciting the prayers of others. I will keep you posted. What a dear and very special young lady you are to our family! We love you. God’s best blessings to you :o)

  3. Oh, ShellFish! I just now had a chance to read your post. I teared up as I read. You are so special to me! Thank you so much for everything! I can’t wait to see you this summr and tell you all about it! Love you!
    Burdellie ❤

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