Miss Becky Update

Hi everyone! I just received this update from Burdellie’s mama and wanted to post it to keep y’all updated. Please continue to pray for her, as it sounds like the emotional strain is becoming more taxing. And please continue to pray for these women and children~ Thanks!

Also, check out her blog, even though she is very limited to internet access, she tries to post when she can. beckysue.wordpress.com

Much has happened this week…

I was intending to go to Assam the first week of July.  There have been so many red flags this week that in talking it over with my parents and the internship director, I have decided to stay on in Kolkata for the remainder of my time.  I’ve been invited to continue with the work I’m doing for my internship, so I will definitely be busy these next few weeks.  Please continue to pray that I am sensitive to God’s voice, knowing where to go and what to do.

This week I have had several days of headaches, waking up one morning with a full migraine.  Please pray that this stops and does not impact my work.  So far it has not prevented me from any of my work.  This is the only illness I’ve experienced… PTL!

The work is beginning to be very difficult emotionally and spiritually; Friday was particularly hard.  It’s not easy to look into the face of children each day and know what they go home to.  The mothers of most of the children we work with are still in the business… my mind just cannot comprehend.

The other interns will be leaving at the end of this week.  Please pray for us as the official internship comes to an end.

Thank you for your prayers.

All my love, Becky

Remember that our prayers fill the bowls of incense that are ever before the Lord in His throne room and He’s just waiting for the perfect time to dispense His incredible blessing and power ~ Not one prayer is remiss ~ “…they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints…” Rev. 5:8

Let’s continue to fill those bowls with fragrant and potent prayers that constantly rise to our sovereign God who hears, sees, loves and acts on behalf of His people~

Thy Kingdom COME, Thy will be DONE on earth as it is in heaven -may it be so Lord


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