Kenya Video (Katie and Billy)

Hi Friends,

I can hardly hold back tears as I write this…our God is incredible! Only He can create beauty from every tribe, tongue, language and people. I’ve been thinking a lot lately of my trip to Tibet and the amazing people I met there. These thoughts have been instigated by an article about Tibetan nomads in the most recent issue of National Geographic. As I viewed the pictures of these truly remote areas, I was taken back to so many similar places – it’s like I can still sense so much of the sights and sounds. It was even more amazing when they showed a picture of an extremely remote village that I had actually visited!! Talk about SHOCK! Lately my thoughts have been thinking about not only what is going on here (Chicago and U.S.), but especially what is going on in other parts of the world. My thoughts journey to the various times spent in other countries…the faces of people that are etched into my memory forever…certain smells and sounds can be recalled for a brief moment and even the weather of a particular day. Interestingly enough, isn’t it usually the people that we’ve met on our journeys that somehow stay entrenched in our hearts?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the beauty of the Nations…the promise spoken to Abraham, that through his seed, he’d be the father of all nations because of the Messiah. Jesus, the Savior King, was with the Father, and they devised together all the nations that would be brought to life. “Then I was the craftsman at his side, I was filled with delight day after day, rejoicing always in his presence, rejoicing in his whole world and delighting in mankind.” ~ Prov. 8: 30, 31 WOW, it’s almost too much to take in! My friend Becky is in India right now…my friends Katie and Billy Swan traveling all throughout the world (literally)…someone recently that I spoke to who had contacted me from Melbourne, Australia after having spent time in Japan, South Korea and then back to England…my dear friend Sarah who is working with the orphans in Kenya…and then I think about the work of the Kingdom right here in this hodgepodge City! Wow…it’s just too much sometimes…just too much…

Haha! So what prompted my heart to get lost in a wonderland of random thoughts?? I just saw Katie and Billy’s blog post and video and I just HAD to share it. SOOOOO many beautiful faces and people. There’s only One loving and sovereign God, who came to save “all that was lost“. He alone deserves such glory and honor for the work still going on around the world and in our neighborhoods. Even in the grimmest of circumstances and even when it seems that wicked hearts may dominate headlines, it is only for a short span of time. Jesus will come and rule over the nations forever. He doesn’t desire that one would perish…such incredible love

Continue to pray for the gospel to continue to spread from“Jerusalem, to Irian Jaya and the uttermost parts of the world”, which is your neighborhood, your surrounding cities/states and then the furthest reaches of the globe. Enjoy how small we are in the global and historical aspect of the Kingdom and be amazed that Christ loves us so. Keep sharing that love!

Ps – Look for the picture of the mama and baby kissing on the slideshow…it’ll make you weep! So beautiful!

Kenya on Videotape

So, there is one slight downfall to living in a mud hut: no Internet. Oh the memories of wireless that dance around in our heads. The thoughts of not having to wait two minutes for one page to change into another. Or fifteen minutes for a single picture to load. We have come to accept the fact that Internet on this side of the world is just not as speedy or efficient as we were once used to. And so, we’ve changed the whole experience.

You will often find three or four of us shoved onto a small coach and all on the Internet together. Like everything else in our lives, we’ve made it a community event. This way we can use those two minute intervals to talk, laugh and tell everyone about what’s happening back in our American homes. It’s quite fun actually. In fact, right now I have two of my teammates seated besides me. In the process of getting to this page, I looked and helped vote on possible bridesmaids dresses Jesse will be wearing next May and seen recent pictures of Lana’s friends. What a world we live in!

But yes, the Internet is not everywhere and was pretty limited this month. Therefore [for your viewing enjoyment], we decided to make a wonderful little VIDEO to capture all those moments we were unable to blog about. Hope you enjoy Kenya as much as we did.

Kenya Video (please click on this link)


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