Psalm 23:2-3

I was walking to work today and this is all I wanted to do: I literally was longing for green grass to lay on, that I could take time and gaze up into the beautiful blue sky….hmmmmmmmmmm. Ever have one of those days???

That’s me today : ) It’s been a tiring last couple of weeks (learning much these days) and there is nothing more I’d rather do than lay in the grass and rest. Do you like to look at cloud formations and try to figure out the different shapes?! It’s so much fun, especially if you’re with someone else and you’re going back and forth about the ridiculous shapes! I promise one time I saw every animal from Noah’s ark – and every animal I made up in my head but minus the ark itself AND I totally saw Michael Jackson’s penny loafer’s : D ! I love how the Lord must put them there for our enjoyment, even as we rest.

I think what attracts me most to the grass today is Psalm 23:2-3:

“He makes me lie down in green pastures…

He restores my soul…”

I read this great book written by a Shepherd about herding sheep and he mentions how difficult it is to get sheep to lie down in pastures. Sheep are the most skittish and fearful animals. They must come to a place of complete peace and trust in the Shepherd’s protection and presence so that they willingly lie down and rest. Also some of the greatest deterrents to a sheep’s rest are the flies and other critters that pester and annoy them throughout the day. According to this shepherd, he said that it was his duty and pleasure to make sure that his sheep would be led to places of rest, free of pesky annoyances and comforted apart from fears, because that’s where their trust in him was greatest. It was interesting too to learn that the shepherd is very intentional about where he leads and lets his sheep graze. A good shepherd knows the land well and will intentionally take them on the longer route if it meant getting them to the better land. How He loves us so~

I know sometimes the days seem long, but just to think that He’s taking us, His sheep, to the places on intimate and restorative rest and as we walk with Him, our trust in His character, goodness, faithfulness and love deepens. Along the way, we will come up against fears and frustrations, but it’s so that we can find a true oasis in the pastures He leads us to. It’s in those intentional pastures where He lovingly restores us. Praise the Lord He is our Shepherd!

May you find rest for your souls, and potentially a green, lush, grassy null where you can laugh at the clouds and rest in His care.

God bless and have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Psalm 23:2-3

  1. Cloud watching is the best! When I get to Chicago, maybe we can find some grass to lay in and watch the clouds together 🙂

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