Race Finish Photo

I just thought you all may like to see my race finishing photo : ) I was SOOOO exhausted, but I kept going!!! It is amazing to think I finished with a smile….and it looks as though I stunned some of the runners along the way ; )

Chicago Marathon 10-10-10

I promise to post more later — thanks again for all the prayers. I was praying hard for all of you as well! This was the post-marathon email sent out:

I’m sitting here, in my apartment, lathered, smothered and covered (like Waffle house hashbrowns!) with Ben-Gay…BUT I FINISHED! I can’t describe to you the experience, but one day, I hope to blog about it. I want you to know too, by God’s grace alone, did I pray for all of y’all. I’ll say, sometimes, I was weeping because my exhaustion was completely overwhelming. What’s incredible about this race is that ALL my injuries (calf muscles, hamstrings) were FINE. No joke. On Monday, I tried to do a 6 mile run and could barely do it. Truly, this morning, I felt that the victory was in showing up for the race, and then it was up to the Lord how far we’d go. Every mile, I worshipped Him and every step free of pain was truly opportunities to praise His Name. But I hit the wall about mile 20. And that’s when I grabbed the prayer card again, with all my might and prayed for each of you. I praised with you; I cried over your burdens (because I sure did sense mine!) and I believe there was breakthrough for us all.
I will keep this card and continue to pray for each of you — THANK YOU for being vulnerable to let me step in YOUR race and pray.
Love you all–Truly we run towards the Heavenly Prize by the grace of the Holy Spirit alone and because God’s voice beckons us by Name.
Your grateful (and tired!) friend,
Shelly Torres
PS!! How could I forget??!!! THANK YOU FOR ALLLLLLL YOUR PRAYERS, words of encouragement and belief in me 🙂 I truly witnessed a miracle through all of them!
(Photo courtesy of M. Dyser’s photo-shop!)

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