How Beautiful On the Mountains Are The Feet…Is. 52:7

I’m excited about some up and coming blog posts that the Lord has just been stirring in my heart. I cannot wait to share what GOD is doing -our incredible Lover and Pursuer. These are just the incredible stories that I have the privilege of intersecting with. They are the stories that make you step back and say, “Only God”.

First, I want to tell about a trip that the Lord has opened up for me to go on!! I’m ECSTATIC to share not only the details, but the journey that will take me there.

But let me digress a bit. In this last season, and particularly the last 7 months, the Lord has been showing me more and more what it means to know and believe God as Father. I will say that most times we throw up that word, “Father” in prayer…”Heavenly Father…” or “Father God”, without giving any real thought as to the great implications of what we’re saying. Let me be careful here….maybe I didn’t give much thought to what it means!! Not that I have figured out the height, breadth, depth and width of this revelation — NOT AT ALL — but I can say it’s truly been transforming my faith and my life. It shows me more of who I am because of who I am “in Christ” (which that is a study I’m going through now and hope one day to share more on!). God specifically chose to allow His people to identify with knowing Him as Father, even though, as we all can concur, He is vastly and infinitely more. Truly any small attempt that I make to say, “Hey y’all, God is_____” already limits Him!!! But it’s SO very true and pertinent to know that God wanted His people to know Him as a Father and this goes all throughout scripture. He tells Israel that He has carried them as a father carries his son (Deut. 1:31). So many times throughout scripture God is mentioned as one who is passionate for the fatherless and widow. These have tremendous implications to the very nature and character of God as our Father: Provider, Defender, Protector, Lover, Discipliner (yes, a Father who loves his children corrects them!), Lavisher and Pursuer. And this is just a short list, not exhaustive. From just these places of understanding God as our Abba, we can know peace because He hides us in the shelter of His wings; we can know love because the Father sent Jesus, who laid down his life for us, his friends; we can know goodness and faithfulness because His steadfast and unfailing love for His children is written throughout scripture and is confirmed by His covenant.

I know I’m just scraping the tip of the iceberg. It was through seasons of darkness that His Fatherly love was brought more fully to light. It was also then that I sensed the Lord leading me overseas to work with orphans. WOW God ~ He uses our broken places to bring understanding and healing of who He is. Then, He pours Himself into these earthen vessels, that we may pour out what we ourselves know in the fibers of our being.

So I began asking that He would show me where to go. The Lord so wonderfully brought this trip across my path, as He had been speaking “Africa” and “Orphans”. The break down is this – I will be leaving in March for Tanzania, Africa with a missions organization called “Climbing for Christ”. We will actually be working with orphans in Malawi, by bringing them daily necessities, resources and lavishing them with the Father’s love! Last year C4C built a water well for this orphanage so that the people could actually drink from and bathe in clean water — for the first time in their lives! It is my desire to raise money for my trip but above and beyond that, it’s in my heart to raise money for this orphanage. I’m asking God for vision to do so. C4C said that anything raised above the cost of my trip will go directly to the orphanage – praise God! Another incredible aspect of this trip is that we have a WONDERFUL opportunity to trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro and reach the villages and people in that mountainous area! Yes, we by God’s grace will end-up summiting that 19, 340 foot mountain as we cover it with the “goods news” and the Gospel of peace!!

So, please partner with me through prayer as I move forward in this journey of faith! I will be updating my blog more frequently to record what GOD is doing through spiritual and physical training. (Yes, I will have to train in the winter months here in Chicago for this trip! Yikes!)

Also, like I said, I will be posting other things – GOD STORIES – of where He is moving in people’s lives, here and hopefully we’ll see, around the world.

God is moving around the world and next door and I LOVE hearing about it. I desire this blog site to be about so much more than me! And if there is need for some comic relief, trust me, there will be entries about that as well 🙂


Mount Kilimanjaro


* If you feel led to partner with me financially, please don’t hesitate to contact me


One thought on “How Beautiful On the Mountains Are The Feet…Is. 52:7

  1. Amen my sister – thank you for sharing. I have never thought of God as our LAVISHER – wow! Will be meditating on that all night! Will pray for God to provide all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.

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