Did I do something wrong…

Dear Shelly,

This is your empty blog…I miss you. Sure, sometimes you went on and on and all over the place, but it’s been SO long and you promised to write soon. Remember the hours we’d share on one blog post, because you couldn’t quite formulate what you wanted to say? Some of my fondest memories of our time happened when you would finally post something and revisit me a million times in one day because you had to correct all the grammatical errors.

Or am I just not good enough? Did Blogspot entice you with newer formats? Or Wix, Xanga, or Squarespace? We can work on things…I have new widgets that will help you and your non-administrative-computer geekiness (or lack there of).

For crying out loud! Just tell me you’re still alive and that you made it to the new year.

Missing you more than words can express…no pun insinuated here.

Your Blog

Come back to me Shelly…


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