Have I Told You Lately, That I LOVE You…

“Have I told you, there’s no one else above you? You fill my heart with gladness and take away all my sadness (well, sometimes). Ease my troubles (most times), that’s what you do”

Oh Dearest Felicia-Sharkeesha,

I know we’ve been through a lot together over the last 5 years and especially in the last 3. We’ve had some good times…and not so good times. Some of the fondest memories with you are all the road-trips we’ve taken together! Remember when 5 crazy girls drove cross country to Alberta, Canada? Remember how we made a bed in the back, while 2 people drove non-stop?Poor thing, you were so pooped when we returned, and I even had to get you a new tire. Or how many times have you and I driven to and from Georgia??! At least 8 times. In the last 5 years that I’ve known you, I’ve put 90, 000 miles on your engine!!!

We’ve also had some rough times girl, haven’t we? 3 hit and runs which have left permanent damage. Your catalytic converter stolen twice. I finally had to buy you a nifty cage that fits over your converter so it’ll be harder for people to steal it. I’ve ripped off your side fender – still feel awful about that. A huge firework exploded on your roof this summer when the neighborhood kids thought it’d be funny to set them off at 3 am. You’ve been keyed, dented and worn to the ground. Just last Christmas I was told that your transmission had only a year left of life, then I’d have to get a new car. Praise God, you’re transmission doesn’t slip anymore – that blows my mind.

Felicia Sharkeesha, we’ve been through A TON. So many tears have been shed in you, and even over you – when I was over you and tired of putting money into the “black hole”. Many praise concerts have erupted in your cabin. I love to roll down every window – especially the back one! – sunroof opened, and just cruise on the interstate as we jam out! Girl, you got a good sound system! Loud enough to where you can’t hear me – haha! Camping trips, moving trips and furniture trips, man, I couldn’t have done it without YOU!

And last night….I just have to give you the biggest shout out: You were stuck in some frozen snow – I mean FROZEN and plastered snow (thank you snow plows *sigh*). After an hour of trying to shovel you out, I felt like I had barely made progress and wanted to give up. My last attempt was just to see if you could somehow climb the foot and a half of frozen snow, on your own or we were stuck.

Just like ol’ times, I got in, kicked it in to low 4th gear and girl…GIRL…YOU ROCKED!! Engine roaring! – snow was flying EVERYWHERE and you plowed right over all that snow!!! You almost plowed into a couple of cars too – which was my fault – I was having way too much fun ; )

I was so proud of YOU and fell in love with you .. all – over – again, like when I first laid eyes on you at the dealership *sigh* I knew we’d be bdcffl: Best driver-car-friends-fo’-life!

Felicia Sharkeesha, you’re a tough broad and I’m so thankful for you! Thank you for taking care of your lil’ cargo — I’m still glad you’re kickin’ it…and kickin’ HARD!



Me and You, enjoying a road trip to Georgia!

So thankful for you, Felicia Sharkeesha!


6 thoughts on “Have I Told You Lately, That I LOVE You…

  1. i love your writing girl! and your humor. in this blizzard i had many moments thinking, only felicia could make it through this one!

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