Time to Fess-Up

There’s a secret that I can no longer try and cover up. Too many people are perceptive and well, there’s no use trying to hide it any more.

I am Jennifer Knapp’s twin sister. There, I’ve said it. Whew, that wasn’t so hard!

I should have known that when I changed my facebook profile pic, it would be very apparent. But I thought  maybe I’d be able to fly under the “JKnapp radars” just once more, but I should’ve known that straightening my hair while playing the guitar is always a dead-giveaway!!



For so many years, I’ve been trying to live my life and not be in the shadow of Jenny (as her sister, I just can’t call her what y’all do…JKnapp, Jen or JK). Actually, around the house she’s always been affectionately known as Jenny-Cakes or Jiffy (because we both LOVE peanut butter).

Why has it taken me so long to divulge this? Well, first, it’s hard being a “celebs” sister. I wanted to be me – not, “Hey, you’re Jennifer Knapp’s sister!!”, because frankly, that’s a long first name. And since we both just so happen to play the guitar (which 80% of her songs came from my musical genius, but who is keeping count…), we were afraid people would make us sing duets. Also, since we both play the same instrument, I didn’t want to be labeled as the “second-chair-guitar-player”, because frankly, she is way more talented then me. Prideful, I know. We’re so different and didn’t want to be labeled as the other. Many may not know this, but Jiffy is definitely the more out-going one out of the two of us. When you get to know her though, she has such a soft side, that loves to knit doilies, have baking parties and she LOVES to play with her 3 cats. I’m more the quiet type, very methodical and I love to organize my t-shirts alphabetically.

If I had a dollar for every time someone came up to me thinking I was my sister, Jenny-Cakes, after leading worship somewhere, I’d have enough money to gas up my truck. And for the girl who screamed at Jiffy’s concert one day, exclaiming, “YOU ARE HER SISTER! I KNOW IT! SHE HAS A TWIN!!!” — well, I’m sorry for not telling you the truth back then. It was her night, not mine – I hope you can forgive me.

Thanks for forgiving me and understanding the difficulty of this predicament.


Shelly Knapp-Torres (I added the “Torres” to fool people. I guess saying I’m Puerto Rican is harder to believe than being Jennifer Knapp’s sister!!)

Is this me or Jenn??? 😉

ps–NONE of this is true, except for the doilies and the screaming girl at concert!!


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