T – Minus 3…

Hi Everyone! WOWSERS…I will be leaving in just 3 short days. What an incredible journey thus far and what a promise of things to come! I just wanted to send out this prayer card that my wonderful friend Jessie made for me! Since I won’t be able to post while in Africa, I’ll just keep this up for whenever someone might click on my blog-page, and Lord willing, would just be prompted and reminded to pray. PRAY  pray   PrAy   Yarp (‘pray’ spelled backwards!). PRAY. May all that the Lord desires to do in and through us, as truly weak vessels, be accomplished by HIS great power.

Second, please note that you can follow www.christenringle.blogspot.com as she will be updating y’all with my itinerary (as far as we know it to be) beginning Monday. Thank you for being led by the Spirit in your prayers for us, and not just for us, but for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! May His Kingdom come, and be loosed here in our midst through signs, wonders, LOVE and most importantly, salvation. Our guides on the mountain are Muslim, so please already begin to pray for them (Yusef is one of their names). Thank you all and God bless you!

Overwhelmed, in a good way : ) More is to come…stay tuned!


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