The Fellowship of the Team: Kili Day 1

I couldn’t even begin to share about my trip to Africa without first introducing the God-ordained team that He brought together. Seriously, it was incredible! Considering we all met each other for the very first time in New York at JFK airport, we gelled so well from the start. They all added SO much to the adventure that was ahead, and each of us utilized our individual giftings to build the Kingdom. So without further ado, let me introduce the 7 cast members and Team to you – and OF COURSE I have to introduce us as characters from Lord of the Rings because, well, it just fits : ) :

Please meet Gary Fallesen

Who will be played by Bilbo!

Since Gary is the founder and president of Climbing for Christ, it only seemed suitable that he would be the “Bilbo” on our adventure. It’s his tale and dreams that brought us to the Mountain and Orphanage…AND you gotta admit…he sure does look like Bilbo too!! haha!


Next we have Elaine Fallesen

Who will be played by Eowyn!

Eowyn was a hard core heroine in LOTR – she knew how to yield a sword and she cared for people. That is EXACTLY who Elaine is – a mighty woman of the Word and she was AWESOME as she taught the kids at Project 1:27. Don’t be fooled by her small frame…she was a powerhouse of joy and love!


Next we have Bob Kuebler (pronounced keebler, like the the elves and cookies)…Who will be played by Aragorn!

Bob was the MAN! Most of the time, he was deep in thought, like we see
Aragorn here but as soon as he started preaching – he came ALIVE! He was our evangelist on the team and would speak to the masses, whether at on the street, in a school courtyard, at a prayer meeting or to the person that sat next to him on a plane. He was tough and so he’s dubbed, Aragorn, son of Arathorn of the Kiebler Elves!


Next we have Randy…

Who has to be played by Legolas!

Randy was SERIOUSLY Legolas! He was the guy on our team looking out for everyone, scouting out places before the trip even began, during and is still fully engaged. He was also the most fit out of us all and could run circles around us as we hiked, although he never made a spectacle of his mad-elvish-like-endurance : ) Randy was such a blessing!

————————————————————————————————(And onto one of my favorite people) We have Big Brother, Mike…

Who will be played by…GIMLI!

That’s right folks, and even his beard goes right along with Gimli’s! Mike and I clicked right off the bat because he has a DEEP passion for the Word of God. It was burning inside of him to share it by teaching but even more so, he lived it. He taught at two different churches while we were there and the messages stirred such a desire in the congregations that people were asking for more! So, he’s tough, rough and strong in the Lord (and he’s WAY taller than Gimli…just as a side note!).


Last and certainly NOT the least was our trusty friend, Clyde the dog, who snuck into my bag for the trip…

Who will most certainly be played by….drum roll please….SAMWISE!

Oh yes! Just as Samwise was sneaky enough to get himself into the plot of Frodo’s story, Clyde too became part of our trip and was truly a faithful companion : ) Plus, they’re both SO cute and huggable – you just want to squeeze them!! He’s so FLUFFY! TMI??? Maybe so…


So there you have it folks – the beginning of a journey and the Team God placed together!

Uh wait…what’s that you ask??

Who played me??

Dare you ask such a silly question??? I thought it’d be obvious

BAM! No clarification warranted…right?!



2 thoughts on “The Fellowship of the Team: Kili Day 1

  1. you have such a gift of communicating the deepest truths and making us all smile!!! I love you – thanks for your incredible testimony last night — continuing to pray for you on your journey you started on the mount and are continuing! Love you my adopted goddaughter!!!! mama B 🙂

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