Joe’s First Sermon

I have been waiting to be able to share the incredible words shared by Joe Ringle from his wife, Christen Ringle’s, memorial service. No, I don’t like per-se the circumstances surrounding this message but to know that we as Christians “do not grieve as one without hope“, makes a funeral service into a Celebration Service. It does not mean there are no tears, are no difficulties and pain. Far from the Truth. That’s what is incredible about salvation through Jesus Christ alone; Jesus was fully God and fully man, yet Jesus Christ alone was without sin. He understands our weak nature as humans and that is why the sufficiency of His grace is all the more incredible. His grace is not of this earth, if I can try to describe it this way, so as to show that not one person can in effect “keep it together” when tragedies and suffering in this life come. And come they will. It also proves that we are not meant to do this life alone and that was NEVER the original design.

So, how can a man preach a message at his own wife’s funeral? It is only by the grace of Jesus. I hope you can take the time to listen and share with others the all surpassing power of a real and ever-present God, in the midst of devastating loss.

Joe’s First Sermon


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