Words Cannot Express…

I am verbose…maybe too much so. I was reminded of this scripture verse today, after having a lengthy conversation with a friend, where I just went on and on and on: Where words are many, sin is not far. That’s usually my problem more than anything else, although I am trying to learn to listen more than to speak – learn being the key word.

I can honestly say finding shorter ways to say things is usually my problem, not the other way around. But when I think about what God did in the last 6 months, then in the last 4, then I think about the last 2 and narrow down even to the very last few weeks, I am at a loss of words.

Nothing seems suffice.

Awe. Incredulous. Joy. absolutely humbled…

I have wanted to update my blog for MONTHS now and just have not had the time. My life flipped around in the more recent months. Now, I am back from Uganda. *oh my heart* I have been staring at pictures day after day of my time in Ggaba, Kabalagala and Namawongo, Uganda, just teary-eyed and always on the brink of break-down. There are no words. Maybe if I took each picture, one by one, I could try and capture every sight, sound, emotion, scent; causes of laughter, reasons for prayer and at times desperate cries, satisfied longings, joy-filled expectancy, awkward encounters, walls torn down, embarrassing falters and all together outright moves of God…then, and maybe only then, may I actually be able to start sharing. But for now, there just are not words.

I will say this – I am amazed. Amazed at a God who is entrenched in the details of every moment of each day. Not just the seconds, but the minutiae that culminate that second we call time. Then you multiply that by different continents, people and all their minutiae seconds, over all the years of their existence and how we all just collided together into this 2 week trip…I’M ASTOUNDED. This is no small God with small plans. He alone is the great and paramount sovereign orchestrator.

My stories of Uganda may not be verbose or even of great meaning to anyone else. But I see Him differently.

The smallest detail is now to me of greater consequence than what I always esteemed great. If we cannot see His work in the tiniest, we’ll never appreciate the full mosaic.

I hope in the days to come to post little stories here and there…I pray by God’s grace I can! But how much is just to be stored in this heart and savored, I’m not sure. I feel a bit selfish saying that but it’s true.

Forgive my ramblings but my heart is still full and I guess something written is better than nothing! So I can say this from my heart: I’m so grateful beyond words for all the love, support and prayers that surrounded me and my team. YOU made this trip happen, just as much as us going. You were intricately woven as God’s design to pour into Uganda and because of that, I cannot wait to share. We co-labored together to build and by God’s grace, strengthen our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world. Thank You! It does not seem like enough but I pray your hearts would be blessed in some measure.

Thank You – Oh my Jesus, You are beyond comprehension. I love you dearly…You are more than words. I praise your awesome and glorious Name ~ amen

When words fail, sometimes a picture satisfies…Image


One thought on “Words Cannot Express…

  1. Love, love, love. I feel the same way when I talk …. but never fear, God is using your many WORDS to impact the Kingdom for our Saviour! Keep talking, keep writing, I love you lots! god mama Becky 🙂

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