I Too Am Weird

Caution: I Am Weird
I fast because I’m hungry
I run because I am thirsty
I die every day because I want to live
I lead because I follow
I give everything away to become rich
I am weak and broken so that I will be strong
I see more when my eyes are closed
I’m in love with someone I haven’t seen
I love the unlovely
I am honored when people mock me
I embrace these foolish things to become wise
I will walk whole heartedly out on any limb He requires, 
because even if He lets it break, He can teach me to fly.
-Lygon Stevens
I am watching a documentary of a young woman that I very much esteem. Five years ago, Lygon Stevens went on a hike with her brother and during that hike, an avalanche would take her life. That was January 10th, 2008. It wouldn’t be until 6 months later that they would recover her body from the mountain side in Colorado, after the snow finally melted away. The incredible story of Lygon’s body recovery is that when her brother and a small team of people went to recover it, they found her body perfectly preserved and surrounded by hundreds of yellow flowers. What a picture of God’s grace.
“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His loved one” – Psalm 116:15
Lygon was a tremendous climber and mountaineer, even at such a young age. She summited thirty-nine 14, 000 foot peaks in Colorado alone, while adding Denali and all the highest peaks in Ecuador to her accomplishments. She had a passion for the Lord that fueled a passion for climbing. Her life accomplished much in the world’s eyes by the age of 20. What’s remarkable, she cared little about what the world thought and only delighted in knowing and loving her heavenly Father.
Even with all the remarkable gifting and passion she seemed to exude, even more incredible are her writings. At such a young age, she had such a unique relationship with the Lord. I love reading some of the “greats” – Tozer, Spurgeon, M. Henry,  Brother Lawrence and Guyon. Her writings touch the deep places of my heart, as many of my favorite authors do and it reminds me of a powerful truth: God longs to reveal Himself to His children and satisfy them with a richness this world cannot provide. Age does not matter.
“For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things” – Psalm 107:9
If you want to be challenged to live your life to the fullest and press in with all you have for the time you have, you should take the time to read Lygon’s story and see where her source came from. You visit her website hereThe Time to Live is Now and purchase her book of writings. I promise you will be richly blessed. Also, Day of Discovery just came out with a docu-drama on her story that you can watch here: The Time to Live is Now Documentary
I hope and pray that we can be mutually encouraged by her life that is still speaking. I will leave you with one of my favorite pieces of her writing, because I very much identify with it, not just as a climber but also as pilgrim on her journey to her heavenly Zion.

Conquering Oneself

To stand on the summit is a privilege not a victory.

No one can conquer a mountain.

It is impossible and does not exist.

All people are mountain climbers but not all people will climb.

This truth does not change for any person:

The privilege of standing on the summit only lasts a few minutes –no one can linger there.

Keep pushing on and learn that victory comes in the day to day,

not the product of the day to day, not the few moments in which the pushing upward ends.

Victory and glory come from conquering oneself not the mountain.

I pray that we all would keep climbing by God’s incredible grace alone and stop believing that we were never made to or that we’ve arrived at some summit. Oh, we will know when we’ve truly arrived! So with God’s help, and some wonderful companions along the way, we will keep pressing on and taking small steps, that eventually become an ever winding journey leading to true Victory!

“The Sovereign Lord is my strength. He makes my feet like the feet of the dear, enabling me on the heights” Habakkuk 3:19




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